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Bukumirsko jezero

by Discover Montenegro
The Bukumirsko jezero lake in the Kucka Krajina mountain range.

This lake, together with central cluster of the mountains of Kucka krajina in the background make one of the most famous and most pictoresque scenes in the area. The lake is situated by the road from katun Mokro to Brskut or to Ubli, at 1,440 meter above sea level. The lake is 210 meter long, 130 meter wide and 13-16 meter deep. The length of the shore is 585 meter, surface area is 1,982 sq m. The lake is of glacial origin. Its waters are home to abundant aquatic vegetation. One of the most famous endemic inhabitant of this lake was a triton โ€“ a reptile known in hydro biological literature as tritus alpestis montenegrinus, which looks like a little crocodile. Situated around the lake is katun Jezera and nearby katun Popovica. The lake is popular especially in summer as an ad-hoc camping place, or nice place to refresh by swimming in its waters. Northern side of the lake is rocky, while southern one is more gentle and covered with vegetation. Lake is also used as a watering place for livestock in summer. Water of the lake is clear and transparent, visibility up to 4 meters deep.


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