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Canyoning in Montenegro.

Nevidio Canyon is part of Little Komarnica runs beneath the southern part of Durmitor properly in Dobri Do. Immersed passes between Boljske grede (2091 alt.) and Lojanik (2091 alt.) to re-appear in a gentle valley of the river as a permanent river. At the end of the valley begins canyon Nevidio or Nevidjbog how it called residents of this area.

With the right to be called this name because Komarnica suddenly lost in a strange engraved entrance and becomes invisible to human eye. Surrounding the entrance is one of the most beautiful in the region of Durmitor. The beauty of this region makes the village Poลกฤ‡enje with two icy lakes, periodic waterfall Skakavica that the seventy-meter high rock scatters water Grabovica who enjoys Komarnica. Removed and hidden in the inaccessible terrain caused the attention and curiosity, but there were few organized attempts to understand and explore. The first serious attempts were made 1957g. and 1964. year who have completed a failure. Series are the strange and fantastic stories of the last unconquerable canyon of Europe.

That was until August 1965 when members of PSD Javorak from Niksic, although the poorly equipped, the canyon and passed first introduced the world long hidden, and amazing wild beauty. The first contact with the enchanting Nevidio outstanding beauty, unusual and strange that the man was not accustomed. Larger part of the canyon is located in the eternal shade.

Because of the vertical cliff face the sun’s rays do not reach the bottom. On steep and inaccessible rocks prevailing harsh conditions for the vegetation so that the canyon can be said that the cruel nature of the gem that is both paradise and hell. Width of the canyon in some places is less than one meter. Some parts of the canyon pass only with the help of mountaineering equipment. Today Nevidio canyon is a place in the brochures as a unique tourist attraction. The unique beauty of the narrow passage, and sparkling cascades which keeps canyon Nevidio enough reason to visit this incredible jewel of Montenegro. However, although does not require special physical readiness, passing through the canyon is not recommended without a guide.

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