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Crna Poda

by Discover Montenegro

Crna Poda is a terrace formed in the middle of a very steep slope of the Tara Canyon. Almost level terrain has allowed deep soil to accumulate and black pine has formed a tall forest. European beech (Fagus sylvatica) is invading the forest, preventing pine regeneration. Now the forest looks like a normal beech forest which has an additional emergent layer of black pine. This complex of pine forest covers an area of 40ha, with an average age of trees 400 years, which are about 45 meters high. The black pine (Pinus Nigra) forest preserve on the locality Crna Poda was proclaimed the research preserve by the Law on National Parks of Montenegro. The tallest black pine is reaching up to 51 meter, and the oldest are estimated to have an age around 450 years.

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