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The Bokeljska Noc festival.

Festival & Events in January

Vrela zima u brdima – Kolasin, Zabljak, Niksic, Rozaje, Berane, Cetinje (Hot winter in the hills)

Very rich tourist manifestation with lots of culturally- artistic and entertaining events. Hot winter in the hills and numerous shows which are a part of it are held in the towns if north Montenegro, as well as on the slopes and ski paths of Durmitor, Bjelasica, Sinjajevina… Numerous guest appearances by music stars, parties in cafes, sports events, various programs, in both hotels and in the open are just a part of the rich offer of this manifestation.

Montenegro Winter Cup – Zabljak

Car races on snow which are being held in winter months on Durmitor.

Svi na snijeg (Everyone on the snow) – Zabljak

Competition in ski cross with several other accompanying events.

Festival & Events in February

Dan Svetog Tripuna – Kotor (St. Tryphon’s Day)

It is a tradition that originates from the IX century. The festivities in the glory of the protector of the town, Sveti Tryphon, begin at the end of January, and they end on first days of February. On the location in front of the old Kotor Cathedral of Sveti Tripun, Boka Navy first performs a dance circle, then follows the mass, and then goes a procession through the town. The festivity is accompanied by the introspection of church choirs, by city music, and dances of folklore associations.

Festival mimoze – Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor (Mimosas Festival)

The manifestation which lasts for over three decades and which lasts for several weeks today is the main part of the tourist offer of Herceg Novi. Numerous fiestas, big children’s and the carnival for adults, majorettes, as well as the traveling caravan of mimosas are just some of the segments of this, for Herceg Novi, exquisite event.

Montenegro Ski Fest – Kolasin

Ski competition which is held on the slopes of Bjelasica.

Kotor carnival – Kotor

Great yearly held carnival with a range of manifestations – traditional masked ball, introspection of majorettes, children’s carnival, promotion of local cuisine, carnival concerts etc. traditional Kotor carnival fiestas are the biggest entertaining manifestation in Montenegro. Several thousands of people visit Kotor carnival. Except the carnival troupes from Kotor and from other coastal and other towns of Montenegro, in Kotor carnival many carnival groups from Europe and world take part in.

Hercegnovski “Zimski salon” – Herceg Novi (Herceg Novi “Winter salon”)

As a part of the Festivity of Mimosas, creators from Herceg Novi and the surrounding gather in this town to create, exhibit and promote their works, fine art artists, sculptors, actors, and many other cultural employees every year take part in this manifestation which lasts for over 40 years.

Ex – Yu Fest – Podgorica

A rich film program during which for several days the movies from all republics of Former Yugoslavia are displayed.

Bokeljska noc – Tivat (Boka night)

Traditional manifestation whose organizer is branch of Boka navy from Tivat. Manifestation “Bokeljska noc” for people from Tivat and their guests represents a significant fiesta which from year to year offers various programs: culturally – artistic program, presentation of Boka cuisine, and all those contents to whom the goal is preservation of rich tradition of Boka Kotorska.

Festival & Events in March

Dani kamelije – Stoliv, Kotor (Days of camellia)

Local manifestation with rich program with which dominate camellia and its arrangements. During the several days of events the exhibition of the arrangements, the Ball of camellia and the choice of the Lady of Camellia stand out, as well as the range of concerts. According to a legend, in the far away 1870 this flower was brought by a Stoliv captain from the Far East (Japan) to Boka Kotorska to give it to his wife.

Zlatna pahulja / Zlatna staza – Rozaje (Golden flake / Golden path)

A musical festival for children which gathers the best music authors for children and youngest performers.

Durmitorski zlatni orao – Zabljak (Durmitor;s Golden Eagle)

Ski competition on the slopes of Durmitor.

International Para – Ski kup Durmitor – Zabljak

More and more popular cup in extreme sports disciplines.


Yearly held tourist market – fair with numerous promotions and multimedia events.

Festival & Events in April

On the roads of King Nikola – Bar – Bijelo Polje

Very famous by the tour through great number of Montenegrin and from time to time Italian towns, this race is one of those which is in the program of the international cycling organization and which is traditionally ridden every year. This is an exquisite event of regional character because it is considered to be one of the heaviest races on the Balkans, and therefore all Balkan bicycle riders visit it. It is being driven on the North of Montenegro equally as on the Adriatic shore, and in one moment the contestants move to Italy where in the region of Puglia they continue the competition.

HAPS – Hercegnovske aprilske pozorisne svecanosti – Herceg Novi (Herceg Novi April theater festivities)

Traditional theater event, which gathers small theaters from the region. At the beginning in the organization of the Amateur Theater from Herceg Novi, the even now grew into a cult gathering of the supporters of the theater in Herceg Novi.

Spring masked ball – Budva

Interesting masquerade with great number of participants of all generations.

Podgorica’s Ultra marathon – Podgorica

Sport manifestation in extremely demanding discipline running on 100 km. it is characterized by a great number of contestants and also by the fact that in this event 100 circles around the hill Ljubovic in the center of our capital city are being run.

Festival of young musicians of Montenegro – Kotor

It gathers the pupils and students of music schools and academies in great number. This is the greatest opportunity to see in one place a great artistic potential of a relatively small European state.

International music festival “A Tempo” – Podgorica

The festivity that promotes classical music for several days of duration in the capital city. Montenegrin and foreign soloists take part in at this festival.

The fair of Montenegrin souvenirs – Budva

All tourists in the country gladly visit yearly held fair of souvenirs with Montenegrin motifs in hotel Tara in Becici close to Budva. Wide offer of nicely made decorations and items form every day Montenegrin culture are a real invitation for all those who wish to take a memory of our country with them.

Festival & Events in May

Vladimir’s cross – Bar

Traditional carrying out of Vladimir’s cross on the summit of Rumija every St. Trojica’s day.

Lim regatta – Plav

Regatta on Lim river in relation Plav – Prijepolje, more famous as Lim’s rapids.

Days of Marko Miljanov – Medun, Podgorica

A range of suitable events with which a contribution is given to the great Montenegrin duke and writer.

Montenegro Cup – Kotor, Niksic

Contest in the free – climbing disciplines

Budva’s carnival – Budva

A rich manifestation with a range of festivities and shows very much alike to Kotor fiestas.

International book fair – Podgorica

New and extremely visited manifestation. With the goal to become traditional, The Fair in the first year gathered dozens of publishers from Balkan countries, along with some other who came even from the Middle East.

Days of youth – Tivat

A manifestation which is held on the 25th of May, on the date which in the history of Former SFRJ was better known as the Youth day – the birthday of the Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito. On the 25th of May in Tivat a large number of Yugo nostalgic people gather. As a pat of the program of the celebration of the “Days of youth” former anthem “Hey Slavs” is being performed, the spiral, culturally entertaining program, and some friendly football games are being played. As in the past, through several Montenegrin towns the traditional carrying of the “relay of youth” is being organized which in the end arrives in Tivat.

Pro Beach Soccer – Montenegro Open – Ulcinj

Traditional tournament in football on sand which is held on Ulcinj’s Mala plaza. Very visited and attractive.

Festival & Events in June

Budva Music Festival – Budva

The biggest music festival on the south of the Adriatic, The Song of the Mediterranean, as it is still called is a real tourist hit in always well visited Budva. During several nights Montenegrin and foreign performers present themselves with their compositions to the audience. In the entertaining part of the festival the biggest stars from the region have their onsets, and very often there are even stars of the European scene such as Goran Bregovic, Band of Matia Bazar, Boney M and others.

Festival of the under water film – Kotor

Manifestation, which as a goal has getting to know of the Montenegrin under water word on which distinguished domestic and foreign movie makers, gather. During the several days of the program on projections you can see the beauties of the under water world, as well as the skills and daring of the divers. Every year the guests who enrich the program with their achievements which are made in the water all over the world seas and oceans are more and more numerous.

Podgorica’s cultural summer – Podgorica

A range of cultural manifestation during the summer months in the capital city. Worthy of mentioning are numerous theater plays in the open, movie nights and concerts on the roof of Culturally informative center Budo Tomovic.

International dance festival – Budva

Yearly held performance which gathers dozens of dance schools from the region. The competitions are held by age and by disciplines; they are very popular and very vested.

Festival & Events in July

Bar’s chronicle – Bar

The most important manifestation in Bar in general. Bar’s chronicle is the festival with various programs which include: holding of theater plays by theater troupe from the country and abroad, fine art exhibitions, literary nights, concerts of spiritual and classical music… Programs of “Bar’s chronicle” are being held on various, mostly montage stages on several locations in town. One of the most interesting shows, a part of the Bar’s chronicle is the Mediterranean fair of books.

Dives in the river Moraca – Podgorica

Traditional dives from the centuries old Vezirov (Vizier’s) bridge in the capital of Montenegro. It is included in the calendar the World Cup so it is visited by stars such as Orlando Duke and others. Considering the extravagance this sport in the shore of Moraca attracts great number of citizens.

Days of music – Herceg Novi

Manifestation whose goal is the promotion of music potential of Montenegro, when we are talking about the classical music.

Music festival – Suncane skale (Sunny stairs) – Herceg Novi

The second of the two biggest music festivals in Montenegro. Well – known by the Mediterranean sound which during several nights can be heard from Herceg Novi – Kanli kula, this festival gives a chance to young authors and performers to step into the world of music. All stars from Montenegro and the countries from the region visit the festival.

International festival of theater for children – Kotor

A several day festival, during which, most often in the open, in the ambience of the ancient town of Kotor, the plays for children are being displayed. It gathers the theaters from entire Balkans at the joy of al visitors of Kotor, and mostly of those youngest ones.

Fasinada – Perast

Traditional manifestation, which is celebrated in July in Perast. The festivity means a ritual procession which is made of decorated boats and barges, which traditionally goes around the island of Gospa od Skrpjela in Perast. The festivity of Fasinada means a traditional throwing of rocks, which the barges from the bay bring to the island, and then throw it out around the shore. In the festivity accompanies by the folk songs only man take part in. according to an old custom on the island late in the evening fish dinner is being prepared.

Sail boat regatta – Tivat

Year gathering of admirers of this sport.

Durmitor ring – Zabljak

Cycling tour around the most attractive paths all over Durmitor.

Festival of drama amateurs of Montenegro – Bijelo Polje

Very visited manifestation during which one can see great theater spectacles directed and performed by actors – amateurs. Bijelo Polje during the day of performing is a real theater center of the region.

Budva night – Budva

Traditional night on which the hosts and the guests in Budva have fun until late in the evening with the traditional and modern music and local specialties.

Crmnica sports games – Crmnica, Bar

Manifestation which is held in the place called Virpazar, 40 kilometers away from Bar. “Crmnica sports games” usually start in the middle of July and last until the middle of August, and they are held every weekend. The goal of the manifestation is the contest in several sports disciplines.

Days of Mrkojevici – Mrkojevici, Bar

Manifestation of the entertaining character which in Bar, more precisely in the place Pecurice, is held in the last week in July. The goal of the manifestation is to introduce numerous visitors and tourists with the tradition, rich heritage and cultural identity of that Bar area. With the rich catering and meals of traditional Montenegrin cuisine the manifestation “Days of Mrkojevici” is characterized also by a suitable entertaining – musical program, in which cultural artistic associations from Bar take part in.

Kotor’s summer fiestas – Kotor

For the admirers of nice sound, classic and spiritual, chamber and instrumental music the most interesting is the music festivity named Kotor Pro Arte. That manifestation is marked by concerts, which are mostly held in Kotor churches and concert halls. The devotees of culture are able to listen to many concerts of great world music creators. The halls for concert music in Kotor, on those days, are filled with the sounds of the music which used to be played on European courts.

International fashion festival – Kotor

Fashion festival lasts for several days and it gathers fashion designers from Montenegro, from the surrounding and from abroad. The most frequent however are distinguished Italian designers and their newest creations. Fashion introspection in Kotor lasts already for several years, and so far, among others Dolce Gabanna, Pal Zileri, Prada, Armani, Ferre, Versace have presented themselves. Beside the admirers o modern fashion trends and nice dressing, on those days Kotor is a meeting point of businessman, actors, owners of fashion studios, and other persons from the world of jet-set.

Ulcinj night – Ulcinj

Entertaining – tourist manifestation whose goal is the promotion of the tourist offer if Ulcinj and the surrounding. With the suitable music – entertaining program people from Ulcinj and their guests with a lot of various meals from meat, fish and with wine on Ulcinj’s promenade and sandy beach below the Old town, spend their time until early in the morning.

Cetinje cultural summer – Cetinje

Folklore exhibitions, concerts, author nights, and promotions of publications, fine art exhibitions and other similar events make the program of Cetinje cultural summer. It starts in the middle of June, and it lasts for a month. All the manifestations are held on the scenes of summer stage, on Balsica bazaar and in the area of Cetinje city park. Except the theater plays of Montenegrin production, the audience on this manifestation can see the pieces of the famous European, and author from former Yugoslav republics. Also, for the visitors of this manifestation famous operas ad concerts of classical music are being performed.

Hill car races – Cetinje – Ivanova Korita

Car-races, in which part take in very attractive and fast sports cars, which are driven by the distinguished car and rely racers. Every year they measure their strength in a hill car race on the path Cetinje – Ivanova Korita (Lovcen), which is 12.200 meters long, with the height altitude 610 meters. Since 1981 this race is in the calendar of the Federation of International automobiles FIA. Hill car races from Cetinje to Lovcen every year is seen by several thousands of spectators.

Summer pasture sports games – Njegusi, Cetinje

Manifestation which is held at the end of July in the village Njegusi, close to Cetinje. At that time in the above mentioned village a great number of citizens, former residents of Njegusi and their descendants gather to measure their strength in the old disciplines, according to which the strength, ability, and chivalry used to be measured and through which they developed the competitive spirit. On those days the traditional old games such as: long jump, pulling of a rope, high jump, throwing of the rock from the shoulder, horse riding are very popular.

Bocarska Olimpijada – Tivat (Bowling Olympics)

Sports manifestation which in Tivat is held every year. Contestants from Tivat and from the great number of towns of Montenegro and aboard are traditional participants of Tivat Bowling Olympics. Bowling (One kind of bowling), in coastal towns is a traditional sport. It is becoming more and more popular among young people, as well as among the tourists who can try their skills in some of the open terrains.

Summer scene – Ulcinj

Local manifestation of cultural – entertaining character. This traditional manifestation is usually held during July and August. It lasts for about a month, and as a goal it has the promotion of cultural – historical values of Ulcinj. Event that “Summer scene” cherishes for years mean the playing of various theater plays, visits of actors, and other artists from the country and aboard, arrival of entertaining orchestras, holding of fine art exhibitions, music concerts… All the mentioned happenings take place on a summer stage, which is located in Old Ulcinj’s town.

Festival & Events in August

Entrance – festival of electronic music – Rose, Herceg Novi

If you are a fun of electronic sound Entrance is the right occasion for you to visit Montenegro. In a lively ambience where the stone and water merge some of the leading European D.J’s such as Beni Benassi and other come, so the visual and the sound experience merge in a phenomenal fun which is contributed by a great organization of hosts.

Port Cup – traditional volleyball tournament for women – Bar

The biggest local tournament in volleyball, which includes the participation of teams from Montenegro and Serbia. Most often it is held in the open which gives it even more charm.

Swimming marathon – Bar

Sport manifestation – swimming marathon on relation Sutomore – Bar in the length of 5 km. It is held in August and all of those who wish to test themselves in warm Adriatic waves take part in it.

International summer carnival – Kotor

Similar like the winter one summer carnival too is meant for fun and party on the streets and squares of Kotor. This manifestation was creates in the past several years, so that it could depict to tourists the pleasures of street parties and so that it can describe them the spirit of Kotor and the cheerfulness which exist in that town for centuries.

Bokeljska Noc – Kotor

One of the most famous tourist manifestations in Kotor recognizable by the defile of boats, which decorated take part in the competition. Boats cruise along the Kotor harbor, decorated with lights. On Kotor squares for hours lasts fun with song, dance and cheerful atmosphere. At he end of the night the best decorated barge is chosen, and Boka night ends with a festive fireworks.

FIAT – Festival of the international alternative theaters – Podgorica

Theater spectacle which attracts alternative troupes mostly from the region. It is marked with high notes as one of the best ones in this Europe. In the organization of Culturally – Informative center Budo Tomovic and theater enthusiasts FIAT will give you the pleasure to enjoy in Becket, Shakespeare, and others in a completely different way.

Lastva festivities – Lastovo, Tivat

This is a manifestation which is traditionally held in August in the place Gornja Lastva (Upper Lastva), close to Tivat. The organizers of “Lastva festivities” are culturally tourist and hometown association “Napredak” (Progress) and Tivat’s center for culture. On the first Saturday of August the main fiesta of “Lastva festivities” is being held. The fiesta is made of: artistic programs, dance circle of “Boka Navy” accompanied with Music educational association “Tivat”. Numerous domestic and foreign guests,, and citizens of Tivat who visit this manifestation, enjoy in listening of original Lastva songs, as well as in the traditional dances better known as Lastva and Skaljar folk round dance. “The dinners in the mill” dedicated to clapper music songs, traditional way of singing that is present in Boka Kotorska is one of the most beautiful moments of the fiesta.

Tivat’s cultural summer – Tivat

Is the most significant cultural manifestation in Tivat, which is held in the summer period (from the beginning of July until the middle or even the end of August). Tivat cultural summer is especially interesting in last few years, because in the time of lasting of this festival, visitors among whom we have a great number of domestic and foreign guests, can see very good theater plays and show. The greatest number of plays takes place on Tivat’s summer stage, which is located in the summerhouse Buca, nearby Tivat. Also, the events of the manifestation of Tivat’s cultural summer abound in visits of various and very quality domestic and foreign theater tropes, plays, performances, literary evenings, fine art exhibitions, etc.

Jeep (off road) rally – Zabljak

Measuring of strengths and skills in the ride over the wonderful but also wild terrains of Durmitor area. This manifestation, before the contestant, for a goal has the promotion o natural beauties of this mountain massif.

International festival of tambourine orchestras – Bijelo Polje

Very interesting manifestation which gathers orchestras from entire Europe who on the city square display their art on their instrument which has a very warm sound. For already several years in a row in warm Bijelo Polje nights after the concert the socializing is continued in local restaurants and bars where the orchestras for themselves entertain themselves and all the people who are found there until the dawn.

International festival of folklore – Cetinje

After a longer pause revived festival gathers the enthusiasts from the region very summer, and from Orlov krs once again you can hear the sounds of the traditional Montenegrin music, but also the sounds from other states from the surrounding. Folklore shows are exquisite and gladly visited, so we warmly recommend them on your way of getting to know Montenegro.

Ratkovic’s day of poetry – Bijelo Polje

The biggest Montenegrin introspection of poetry, which carries the name one of the most distinguished Montenegrin poets of the XX century, Risto Ratkovic, every year, gathers hundreds of poets from the region. It is especially important the fact that that serves as a jump board in literary creation of many young poets from this region.

Budva – Theater city – Budva

Budva – well known by the cultural manifestation Theater city, which is a synonym for theater life of Montenegrin coast during the summer. Theater city lasts for already 20 years, and it usually starts in July, and it ends in the middle of August. Except theater it is possible to get familiar with the local music and fine art works.

Petrovac night – Petrovac

Local manifestation like the one that every town on the coast has – good fun, national cuisine, traditional dance, and song until early in the morning.

Cetinje biennale – Cetinje

Very important fine art manifestation both for Cetinje and for Montenegro. In 1990 on Cetinje for the first time the International introspection of fine art creators under the title “Cetinje biennale”” was organized. Manifestation has turned into an International biennial of modern fine art. This prestigious manifestation is held on Cetinje every two years. Artists, creators, and critiques from all over the world gather on Cetinje to, while enjoying in beauties of this town, present their works, and often to organizes themselves various painting and artistic work shops in which new works are created. The exhibitions of distinguished Yugoslav and European creators of fine art and akin arts have been presented on Biennial, and special novelties are artistic performances.

Herceg Novi film festival – Herceg Novi

One of the biggest and most appreciated domestic film festivals during which the achievements from the domain of domestic movie are being displayed. The program includes the giving of rewards for the achievements made in the past 365 days, so on the stage, on Kanli Kula every year the best and most famous film workers from Montenegro and Serbia gather.

Memorial swimming marathon Mario – Dido Maric – Herceg Novi

One of the biggest and most appreciated domestic film festivals during which the achievements from the domain of domestic movie are being displayed. The program includes the giving of rewards for the achievements made in the past 365 days, so on the stage, on Kanli Kula every year the best and most famous film workers from Montenegro and Serbia gather.

Memorial swimming marathon Mario – Dido Maric – Herceg Novi

Traditional sport competition of the most skillful swimmers from these areas on relation Zanjice – Igalo, dedicated to the memory on the men to whom go all the credits for its forming and promotion during the 1980’s.

Cup Herceg Novi – Herceg Novi

Traditional sailing regatta in several disciplines which is of regional character.

International festival of clapper music – Kotor

Music festival held at the end of August, which means the meeting of contestants in clapper singing. This festivity is held in the place called Perast. Clapper singing is a special kind of music expression, that is of singing, which is characteristic for the areas of South Adriatic. Clapper groups from Croatia in traditional folk singing join clapper groups from Montenegro.

Modus moda vivendi – Tivat

Year spectacle which is usually held at the beginning of August on Tivat Riva. Two-day festival gathers a great number of fashion designers, admirers of fashion as well as tourists. Festival Modus moda vivendi got high notes from the fashion critiques and experts, which has contributed to its popularization.

Fishing night – Ulcinj

Tourist manifestation whose program for the most part is held in Ulcinj beach. Like many coastal fiestas which are characteristic for all towns of Montenegrin coast, Fishing night, which is held in Ulcinj in August, gathers hundreds of visitors, tourists and guests. With fish and wine and rich cultural – entertaining program followed by traditional folklore dances and onsets of pop groups people from Ulcinj and their guests have great time all over the night.

Purgatories – Tivat

Mediterranean theater festivities, which are held in Tivat. They gather great number of troupes and are extremely popular among tourists who find themselves on our coast, thanks to the quality of the program which from summer to summer is richer and richer.

Petrovac Jazz fest – Petrovac

Petrovac Jazz Fest, will start in the end of August, and will last three days – from August 30th to September 2nd in Petrovac, Montenegro.NGO ,,Urban Cult,, is non-profitable, non-government organization, which started Petrovac Jazz Festival on Montenegrin coast. Petrovac Jazz Festival is important not only for Municipality of Budva, Petrovac and Montenegrin coast, but for state of Montenegro, which will through this festival leave an impress in international events. Performers of all kinds of jazz music, beside concerts, preserved side programs like performances, workshops, expositions and other alternative programs, with lots of press conferences

Festival & Events in September

September days of culture – Niksic

Series of cultural events with numerous nights of poetry, promotions of literary achievements of writers from this area, theater plays etc.

Montenegro Open – Budva

Tennis tournament which is mostly visited by young European players.

Infofest – Budva

Yearly held gathering with the goal of exchange of experience when we are talking about the new information technology. Several days of program include numerous seminars, presentations, and inevitable making of new business contacts.

Adriatic Parachuting Cup – Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi competition in more and more popular parachuting has began its life just few years ago, and it already attracts a great number of admirers of this extreme sport.

Days of sirun – Budva

Local fishing festivities in a great ambience of the Budva Riviera.

Festival & Events in October

Podgorica marathon – Podgorica

The biggest traditional sport event in Podgorica. The race of the international type with the path PodgoricaDanilovgrad includes a range of disciplines: marathon, half marathon, city race of 5 km… It is also popular because of the great number of amateurs who take part in it

Festival & Events in November

International Television festival – Bar

The introspection of TV achievements which is attended by almost all bigger TV stations from the region. With its participation Televisions such as RAI, BBC, ZDF, FR3 etc testify about the quality of the festival on which a Grand Prix is given, as well as the awards by categories. Every year, the most interesting one is the one in the domain of documentary and ecological movie.

Mojkovac movie fall – Mojkovac

The most important cultural event in Mojkovac municipality during the year. On this mini festival the achievements, which in the past year had a noted role on domestic and foreign movie scene, are being displayed.

Meetings under the Old olive tree – Bar

Manifestation which promotes the cultural and poem creativity. Manifestation Under the Old olive tree lasts for several days and beside the presentations of books and collections of poetry of children’s writers, the program is characteristic for the fine art and literary works on topic “Olive, peace, friendship”. For the most part the manifestation is held in the place called Mirovica, where the famous trunk of over 2.000 old olive tree is found. On the last day of the manifestation, Bar primary school pupils, as well as writers, in the yards of primary schools are planting an olive tree, and as wish for peace and friendship to be spread among people they symbolically throw in the sea a wreath made of branches of olive tree.

Festival & Events in December

Maslinijada – Bar

Maslinijada was formed as a manifestation which should represent the introspection of products which are made from the autonomous specie of olive. Manifestation “Maslinijada” in December is also significant because the visitors and tourists can enjoy in observing and also in tasting of olives, Bar olive oil, agrum, mandarins, oranges, and other products typical for the coastal region, and especially for the area which encompasses municipality of Bar. With the culturally entertaining program, Maslinijada is contributed by an exhibition of traditional folk costumes which used to be worn in Bar and in its surrounding.

Winter days of culture – Herceg Novi

Music festival of classical music in which soloists and orchestras from the region take part in.

December days of culture – Podgorica

One of the most important manifestations in the capital city. For few weeks numerous promotions, fine art exhibitions, concerts and drama plays are being organized.

DEUS – December artistic scene – Podgorica

A range of cultural events with great number of visitors. It includes mostly theater and music spectacles which are performed by artists from the republic and from the surrounding countries.

Days of wine and bleak – Virpazar

Traditional manifestation with the goal of promotion of domestic vine growing, national cuisine and cultural values of Crmnica and Virpazar area. The program that lasts for several days includes numerous tasting of food and wine, giving of year rewards for the quality of wine, as well as the rich cultural – entertaining program in an unusual ambience of Skadar Lake.

Welcoming of the New Year’s Eve – Budva, Kotor, Podgorica …

At the end of every year in the organization of tourist organizations, on city squares a festive welcoming of New Year’s Eve is being organized. A long tradition of this kind of celebrations have Budva and Kotor where you are guaranteed to have a great time with the stars of domestic and foreign scene. The festivities start on the 31st of December, and they end on the 2nd of January.

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