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Hussein Pasha mosque

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Hussein Pasha mosque is located in the center of Pljevlja, a town in the very north of Montenegro. The mosque was erected in the late 16th century, between 1585 and 1594, by Hussein Pasha Boljanic, a distinguished official of the imperial court in Istanbul. The external forms of the mosque and internal decorations have been preserved in their original form. Due to its location, architectural form and decorative elements, Hussein Pasha mosque dominates the historic center of Pljevlja. It is highly representative of, and the best preserved monument of Islamic religious architecture from the second half of the 16th century in Montenegro.

Historically, Hussein Pasha mosque is a very significant monument dominating the historic development in this area, and is representative of the multicultural and multi confessional character of Montenegrin society. The mosque has not been fully explored and provides a rich source of historical and cultural information of the northern region of Montenegro. It maintains the continuity of culture and life of the Islamic population of Pljevlja from the second half of the 16th century till today. However, the monument has been slightly modified from its original appearance, and requires immediate conservation and restoration work to preserve and highlight its architectural, aesthetical and artistic values, as well as its setting within the historic centre of Pljevlja town.


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