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Local laws

Drugs laws are similar to those can be found in the European union. Possession or trafficking of drugs will be met with strict penalties and often a lengthy prison sentence. There are no laws against homosexual activity and same-sex couples are tolerated, but the nature of society makes public displays of affection inadvisable.

Please note that taking photographs of military and police installations and/ or personnel or vehicles anywhere in Montenegro may lead to difficulties with the authorities.


Short pants are usually not permitted inside the public institutions (hospitals, etc). Wear modest dress when visiting monasteries and churches. At beaches, taking off the bottom piece of a swimsuit will likely create a stir, and is generally reserved for designated nude beaches.

Being visibly drunk is a sign of bad taste and character in Montenegro: You may be invited to drink gallons, but are expected to be able to hold your drink. People also usually prefer to sip their liquor instead of emptying it in “bottoms-up” style. Be careful, “rakija”, a plum spirit (usually about 53% alcohol content), is stronger than expected, and will make you drunk fast!

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