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Lipci rock art

by Discover Montenegro
The Lipci rock art close to Risan.

The small settlement of Lipci lies about 2 kilometer west of Risan. In 1961, P. Mijović reported the discovery of rock art on the ledge. Five figures of deer were represented on about 10 square meters of rock wall. The first issue is a matter of interpretation of the two artistic conventions used.

One is quite realistic, the other entirely schematic. On the grounds of the first of the two representations, the riders from Lipci were interpreted as horsemen. The date of these images was the 8th century BC. Researchers have all naturally noted the resemblance of the Lipci paintings to the images from Valle Camonica in the Alps. The upper scene shows a more realistic view of a herd of deer in its natural surroundings. The lower scene is much more complex in meaning. It is much more probable that the motif was not a swastika at all. Swastikas could be a reflection of the general shape of the bay.

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