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The village of Njegusi.

Njeguši is a village in southern Montenegro, within Cetinje municipality. It is located on the slopes of Mount Lovćen, within Lovćen national park at 1,111 meter above sea level.

This village is best known as birthplace of Montenegro’s royal dynasty of Petrović, which ruled Montenegro from 1696 to 1918, as well as everyday office supreme temporal power in Montenegro, Gubernadur, from one of the oldest families in Njeguši-Radonjić, which ruled from Montenegro, first to the Supreme serdar Stano of 1520 and even earlier (the days of the family Crnojevic), as of a later gubernadurs from 1756 to 1832. The village is also significant for its well-preserved traditional folk architecture.

Njeguški sir and Njeguški pršut, local forms of cheese and prosciutto respectively, made solely in area around Njeguši, are genuine contributions to Montenegrin cuisine.

“I want to tell you something about Lovcen, about a beautiful Montenegrin hill. The first thing that emerges in front of you, that is it; the first spoken Montenegrin word is its name; the first step on the Montenegrin soil is the stone of the Lovcen mountain. Wherever you go, you can see it; it is a polar star for Montenegrins.”

Name Njeguši as well as the tribe of the oldest times is referred to only name Njeguši. And today in the Njeguši and all over the Old Montenegro and all the surrounding areas of the tribe heard the name Njeguši. It is therefore the right, old and preserved to the present name. Ilija Ruvarac says that the tribe Njeguši called by the name founder Njeguši called that name is already in a Latin document the 1000th ” as Negusius Podcupica. Houses where Petar Petrovic II Njegos (in halmet Herakovici) and last ruler of Kingdom of Montenegro Nikola I Petrovic were born, are museums today.

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When coming from Njegusi to Krstac pass and continuing upwards to hills around Krstac, or downhill by the road to Kotor, you can experience wonderful views on Boka kotorska bay, Orjen mountain and many serpentine’s of KotorCetinje road.

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Thanks to its location between the coastline and the mountainous hinterland, Njegusi is a place for all who want peace and quiet and enjoy nature with the opportunity to quickly find themselves in the more touristy coastline or the less touristy hinterland. The Lovcen National Park is a stone’s throw away. And the historic old capital of Cetinje is also within easy reach. However, what will be for many the most impressive memory of the village of Njegusi is the winding fireplace road from Kotor to Njegusi, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of the Bay of Kotor in all its glory. In Njegusi itself the range of accommodation is limited and only available in the months from April to October. It is a place for those who love peace and quiet and want to taste a piece of authentic culture, the Njegusi Prsut ham is famous throughout Montenegro. And also the beautiful valley location surrounded by mountains and unspoilt nature.

Best accomodation in Njegusi

  • Tiny House – Tiny House is located in the idyllic village of Njeguši, surrounded by a large meadow with views of the forest and the mountains of mount Lovćen with it’s famous Njegos Mausoleum. The secluded location in the Dugi Do vicinity of the village Njeguši makes it an oasis of peace and tranquility. For all willing to stay in a place with lovely nature and rest it is the perfect escape !
  • Facilities – Kitchen, Refrigerator, Cooking basics, Dishes and silverware, Free parking on premises, Essentials (towel, toilet paper etc), Hangers, Heating, Pets allowed, Smoking allowed, Backyard (BBQ),
  • Accomodation – Bedroom 1 (1 double bed), Bedroom 2 (2 single beds), Living room (2 couches), Bathroom, Balcony.
  • Location – Njegusi (Dugi Do), 13 km to Cetinje (15 minutes), 25 km to Kotor (40 minutes)
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The village of Njegusi.

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