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Oko Skakavice

by Discover Montenegro

Oko Skakavice is a karst source in the Prokletije mountains. Because the crystal clear water bottom of the source can be seen even down to the deepest depth, it has been given this name, freely translated as the grasshopper’s eye. It is located 1000 meters above sea level, it has a round shape and a shape of a funnel from which the water flows. On the north and south side it is surrounded by limestone rocks of 3 to 5 meters high. The source is one of the strongest sources in the region of Prokletije. It is 30 meters of land and 25 meters, with a depth of 8 meters. During the warm summers, especially in August, the source flows less than is the case in the winter months because the water level drops so that it does not flow over the banks of the source. The water of Oko Skakavice is very cold, due to molten snow from the high parts of Prokletije that cools the water to a temperature of about 5 ° C on the surface, and in the deeper parts 4.3 ° C.

The small stream called Rijeka Skakavica formed by the source in the months when the water level is high enough to flow, flows for a small 2.5 kilometers before it eventually becomes part of the Ali Pasha springs near Gusinje.

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