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“When the pearls of nature were sown, on this soil an owerflowing handful was gathered”

“The most beautiful contact between the earth and sea took place at the Montenegrin littoral”

~ Lord Byron

“The part of the Adriatic Coast belonging to Montenegro is the purest part of the Mediterranean”

~ Jacques Cousteau

“I want to tell you something about Lovcen, about a beautiful Montenegrin hill. The first thing that emerges in front of you, that is it; the first spoken Montenegrin word is its name; the first step on the Montenegrin soil is the stone of the Lovcen mountain. Wherever you go, you can see it; it is a polar star for Montenegrins”

“I wonder why the sun wants to set, when this much beauty it has nowhere met”

~ Ljubomir Nenadovic

“The whole Montenegro was lying in front of us like on a relief map. The sun was playing quietly with waves of Boka, the surface of the Skadar lake was glittering there, and the blue Adriatic was fading on the horizon. In the wild luxury, the Albanian Alps and the coastal mountain Rumija were rising. The eyes were roaming through enduring series of mountain chains and valleys, while in the background, the snowy crests of the Durmitor and Komovi mountains were sending their last regards. Podgorica was ascending from the green valley. I could not take my eyes off that beautiful sight”

~ Kurt Hasert

“Never in my life have I stayed in a place lit by so many stars as Ulcinj”

~ Professor Nolt

“God created the world within six days, and the seventh, in no haste, he created this fjord below Mount Lovcen”

~ Mr Boyd

“Here under the azure dome of the sky everything blossoms and ripens in the sunshine. The poet might say; Here one lives from sunshine, because of sunshine, for sunshine; That is why I came and stayed in this town”

~ Zulfikar Dzumhur

“Our dear Boka, Adriatic’s bride. Droped with the sky like with silk blue, Prettier than any Nereid are you, Upon you beauty you should yourself pride”

~ Aleksa Santic

“I have seen scenic beauties on all continents, but sunshine such as this I have seen nowhere”

~ R. Lonatti

“I drove up the precipitously corkscrew road that used to be called the Ladder of Cattaro, away from the flowered Adriatic coast to the harsh high plateau of the Lovćen massif; water less, apparently soil-less, and stubbled only with arid patches of scrub. Crouched in a declivity of this wilderness is Cetinje, which was for a decade or two around the turn of the century the undisputed capital of Ruritania”


“Few parts of Europe are so little known as the countries lying between the Danube and the northern frontier of Greece”

~ Jan Morris

“In spring or Autumn, the most beautiful seasons throughout Montenegro, the city (Kotor) is held spellbound while the sun slips minute by minute down the jagged face of rock, bathing granite and marble in a honeyglowed”

~ Mrs. Will Gordon

“The storm-proof roof of europe” on seeing cetinje.


“A scene so magnificent and so impressive that it is worth all the journey from England just to have looked at it”


” The road from Cattaro [Kotor] to Cetinje has been so often written of that it is idle to describe it once again, nor can any words do it justice”

~ Mrs Edith Durham

“Didn’t the old legend told, when god had created the earth, he flown over it with 3 bags who carried earth, seeds, and rocks. Every country got his share. Untill the devil suddenly appeared and cutted the bag filled with rocks. The country were the rocks were tumbling on would be known as Montenegro”

~ A. den Doolaard

“Braveries and battles for independence of Montenegrins surpass those of the ancient Hellenes at Thermopylae and at Marathon”

~ William Ewart Gladstone

“The independence of Montenegro has never been wholly extinguished, not even in the beginning of the 16th century. The Montenegrin position differed from all other Slavic lands….In their inaccessible mountains, Montenegrin’s lived not much caring for the Sultan”

~ Henri de Regnier

“The general aspect of Montenegro is that of a succession of elevated ridges, diversified here and there by a lofty mountain peak, and, in some parts, looking like a sea of immense waves turned into stone”

~ Sir J. Gardner Wilkinson

“The Gulf of Kotor is one of the most remarkable natural phenomena in Europe, the climax of the whole coast, and the most awe-inspiring entrance to Montenegro. Whether you enter it by sea or by one of the two main land routes the sight of it will last a lifetime”

~ J.A. Cuddon

“The Gulf of Kotor, suddenly seen from the top of the Lovćen Pass, is literally heart-stopping. But here, following Edith Durham’s sensible example, I rest my pen”

~ Dervla Murphy

“Montenegro with its centuries old traditions, is the cradle of an epic people, land of a celebrated past, torch of freedom, bravery and noble exploits”

~ L’ Action Radical

“Montenegro’s people have a right to life. One can’t strangle those who were once the lions of the Adriatic Sea”

~ Al-Henri Bezies

“But, although I was born and spent my childhood in Cetinje, I have always, in those early days even, felt some kind of anxiety. I have been attracted by wide horizons and distant views. Whenever I could, I would walk up to Kabao or ramble away to Belveder where I would long watch the ample panorama of the lake, which at dawn and dusk was infused with luxuriant colours, shadows, reflections.”

~ Milo Milunovic

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