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Stara Varos

by Discover Montenegro

Stara Varoš (Old town) is located south-east to the confluence of Ribnica and Morača rivers. Stara Varoš’s boundaries are Morača and Ribnica rivers, Kralja Nikole street, and Crnogorskih Serdara boulevard.

They formed one compact neighborhood before World War II, but since then they were split with high rise apartment blocks, built during SFRY. It is the historical core of the city, and is the last remnants of Ottoman architecture in Podgorica. Stara Varoš is home to Podgorica’s two mosques and Turskish clock tower Sahat Kula. The neighborhood is mostly residential, and incorporate narrow and curvy streets, typical for a old Turkish town. Unlike Baščaršija and similar examples, Ottoman heritage of Podgorica has not been preserved well, and old Ottoman housing is mixed with newer developments throughout the neighborhoods.

Thus, touristic potential diminished, and economic activity in the area has plummeted, with development of newer neighborhoods. Because of this, Stara Varoš remain neglected residential area, despite it central location and historical significance.

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