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Susica canyon

by Discover Montenegro

On the western side of Durmitor is placed one of the most beautiful canyon of Montenegro, the Sušica canyon. Precisely, that impressive canyon with its amazing untouchable wild beauty is placed between the high cliffs of the southwest part of the Durmitor’s massif.

On both sides, Sušica canyon is surrounded by high vasty plateaus. Sušica canyon is connected with the Škcrka lakes valley, another important sight of the Durmitor national park. In the past Sušica river flows in usual river’s valley style. After glacial erosion the water of Sušica river created Sušičko Jezero lake, which belong to the group of few periodical lakes in Durmitor. The glacier which was moved through the Sušica canyon was 10 kilometer long. During time of most intensive glaciation that glacier created some geological and morphological effects at the altitude 1140 m. Because of that influence Sušičko Jezero was formed. During melting of glacier the lake existed like a permanent object.

The water source of the Sušičko jezero lake is the Sušica river, which starts at the bottom of the Skakala waterfalls. The lake is largest in spring time when the glaciers are melting. Sušičko jezero is 450 meter long, 200 meter wide. The deepness is about 4-5 meter, on some places also 7 meter.

In the summer time, specially in late summer, the water of Sušičko jezero lake disappear and you can see just a green grassy meadow. Sušičko jezero lake with its form of ellipse is placed in North-South direction. From both sides the lake is surrounded by high cliffs and old pine forest. Trekking through this amazing canyon is for most really an unforgettable experience. At the edge of the Sušica canyon, approaching from the Škrcka lakes valley, you can enjoy the great scenery of the Skakala waterfalls.

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