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Tivat beaches

by Discover Montenegro
Sea at Tivat.

There are 17 official beaches at the surface of 31200m² in Tivat Riviera. Along the coast there are small, attractive inlets with a lot of restaurants and other tourist facilities. There are also three isles in Tivat Riviera, Ostrvo Cvijeća the “Isle of Flowers”, Ostrvo Sveti Marko isle and the Otok Gospe od Milosti “The Lady of Mercy Isle”.


Plavi Horizonti Beach

Plavi Horizonti is an isle situated at the end of Przno valley which is considered to be one of the most beautiful valleys at this part of Lustica peninsula, as well as the whole Montenegrin seaside. It is situated in the open sea, next to the hotel which has the same name. Its sand is fine and it is also medicinal. The special value of this beach is the olive grove and a pine forest where the numerous swimmers can enjoy the shade. The sea is very shallow so it is very convenient for children and non swimmers. Plavi Horizonti is considered to have the highest number of sunny hours during the year. The beach is 300 meter long and its capacity is 900 people.

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Opatovo Beach

It is 3 kilometer away from the center of the town, near the ferry, and its sandy beach is about 200 meter long. It is divided in two parts, one is on the left and the other is on the right from the lighthouse.

I have seen scenic beauties on all continents, but sunshine such as this I have seen nowhere.

Cape of Seljanovo

The beach is situated at the area from Tivat to Verige. Its surface is 1700 m². It is 1km away from Tivat. A part of the beach is rocky, with very smooth rocks which are convenient for swimmers. The other part is sandy.

Belane Beach

The sandy beach is in the center of the town near Tivat hotels and promenades. This is a typical city beach. Its surface is 1200 m².

Zupa Beach

This is a sandy beach of 500 m² in surface. In its background there is a cypress and pine forest. It is in the vicinity of hotels, promenades and the center of the town.

Ostrvo Cvijeća – Island of flowers

The surface of the beach is 1200 m², and it spreads out in the shape of a circle along the whole length of the isle which is 300 meter long and 200m wide. There are many small sandy beaches. The isle is 2 kilometer away from the town. Its very name speaks for itself. It is abundant in vegetation which provides a lot of shade. So you can enjoy it, as well as the aromas and tastes of the sea fruits and good wines provided in restaurants. In the immediate vicinity of the Ostrvo Cvijeća there is a sandy beach called Kalardovo. Its surface is 4200 m². There are restaurant and cafe, too.

The Island of Sveti Marko

There is a beach 400 meter long on this isle. It is an exclusive tourist settlement of closed type, in the chain of Mediterranean Club from Paris, with about 1000 interesting houses built in Tahiti style. It was named after the church St. Marko. Nowadays, it is attractive because of its numerous small inlets and coves which are overgrown with olive and subtropical vegetation in its background. It is accessible only to the visitors coming by boats. This exclusive zone is a true challenge for the adventurers.

Krasici Beach

It is situated next to the settlement which has the same name, not far from Radovici, 15km from Tivat. It is decorated with small inlets of sandy and rocky beaches. The beach is 1500 meter long. This is a valley near the settlement Radovici. It is 1200m long with a small but attractive rocky beach and with a sandy one too. There is a forest in its background which is untouched by architecture, what gives a special value to this place.

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