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The wider area of Ulcinj has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. Illyrian tombs (tumuli), found in the village of Zogaj, in the vicinity of Ulcinj, date back to the Bronze Age. The town is believed to be founded in the 5th century BC colonists from Colchis. The Colchian colonization is mentioned in the 3rd century BC, in a poem by Apollonius of Rhodos. Illyrians lived in the region at the time, and under Greek influence built immense so-called Cyclopean Walls. In 163 BC, the Romans capture Colchinium from the Illyrian tribe of Olciniatas and renamed the town Olcinium (aka Ulcinium) after the tribe. Under Roman rule, the town receives the status of Opida Civium Romanoruma (Town with Special Privileges), only to be granted Municipium (Independent Town) status. When the Roman Empire was split in two, Olcinium became a part of the Eastern Roman Empire. Before the medieval period, Ulcinj was known as one of the pirate capitals of the Adriatic Sea. If you like the video please like, comment, share and subscribe and you will help us in future production.

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