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Vranjina is a village, an island and a hill in the Skadarsko Jezero lake, in the Montenegrin municipality of Podgorica. Until the first half of the 18th century Vranjina, like other islands of the Skadarsko Jezero, was one of the hills in the lowlands of Zeta-Skadar. Created by a delta of the Morača, the island lies in the northern part of the Skadarsko Jezero. It covers an area of 4.8 km2 and the highest point is 296 meters, making it the highest island in Montenegro. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge, to Podgorica, and a dike, across the lake to Bar. The Sveti Nikola monastery is a well-known landmark on the island. Vranjina village, on the shore of the Skadarsko Jezero, is called Montenegrin Venice because of its natural environment. It is a popular fishing place. There is also a single flat-shaped train station, about 500 meters away, and buses stop at the entrance to the village. A few fish restaurants are located on the island.

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